What is your utopia?  If you could build your perfect world, what would it look like?

My vision is a world where everyone has the resources and freedom to shape their world the way they see fit.  I imagine us all as gods shaping the air before us like clay—stretching and molding a world that makes us truly happy.

But to build this world we need to know what makes us happy.  We need to have a vision.

What is it that you want more of out of life?  What are the commodities that you value?

Is it money and material comfort?  Is it time with the people you love most?  Perhaps it’s creative expression, or self-actualization.  Maybe it’s enjoyment of the arts or nature.  Giving to others is another commodity that many of us value.  Most of us want and need several of these things, in varying amounts, to be happy.

Whatever it is, in order to get more of it you need to identify it.

Now you have it in your mind.  Let that image burn in your thoughts.  Feel that fire focus your efforts, your abilities, and your resources through the lens of discipline to project your world upon reality.

I imagine us all this way—directing and shaping  the transient rivers of time, wealth, and love to form a world whose beauty we each hold in our mind.  Everyone has this potential, and with your help I want to unlock the secrets of human potential, so that we can each build our utopia.

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