Thanks for visiting my web site.  My name is Adam Mayer and I am an idealist, a problem solver, a creative spirit, and an entrepreneur.  My purpose in life, as I understand it today, is to bring about the greatest improvement in the quality of life possible within my lifetime and beyond.  The world is full of complex problems and I want to devote my life to targeting the ones with the broadest impact on the human condition, dreaming up the solutions, and turning those dreams into reality.  I am also a proud American and want to see our country return to the beacon of freedom, opportunity, and hope it once was.

Some of the issues I am currently most interested in include:

Energy and Resources
Energy is the force that allows humans to live beyond the means of what we can produce with our own hands.  Resources are the constraints under which our population must grow.  In order to improve the quality of human life while our population increases, we will need to increase our ability to produce energy and our efficiency in utilizing energy and resources.

Education and the Science of Success
Education is the seed of freedom and prosperity.  It allows people to realize their full potential and is the means by which our way of life will continue to improve.  Beyond academic training, however, people need to be taught skills such as goal-setting and time management that enable success.

Technology allows people to achieve more while using less energy and resources.   Information technology allows a flattening of the global marketplace of goods and ideas that accelerates the advancement of mankind.

Hunger and Poverty
The fact that a sixth of the world’s population lives in poverty is truly astounding to me given that there are more than enough resources on the planet to sustain us all and then some.  As our population grows, these problems will only become more pronounced unless there is a change to the current system.

I look forward to sharing my opinions and articles on the above issues and hearing your feedback.  This site also features some of my creative works: original songs and websites that I have produced.  Hope you enjoy!

Thanks again for visiting my site.

– Adam


My family and I are currently starting a new oil and gas exploration and production company in Midland, Texas called Green Century Resources, LLC (www.greencenturyresources.com).  Our goal is to build a major independent oil and gas company over the next 5 years.  Our company is focused on developing oil and gas resources with environmental leadership and innovation as a main priority, and we hope to serve as an example to the country of how oil and gas can be developed responsibly.

Before coming to Midland, I worked for nearly three years as a consultant for Accenture in the Washington, D.C. area, where I was staffed on a major Federal Government project responsible for processing billions of dollars of transactions annually.  I started working for Accenture in May of 2008 after graduating from Wake Forest University with a dual major in Business and Computer Science.

In addition to my work on Green Century, I am also Co-Director of American Energy Security (www.americanenergysecurity.com), an organization promoting strong American economic growth through the aggressive and responsible development of all U.S. energy resources, and Media Director for Active Blessing (www.activeblessing.com), a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, education, and housing of Ugandan child soldiers.