The Rise of the Cloud Corporation

We live at a unique time in human history at the end of the Industrial Age and the beginning of the Information Age. With this change in the times has come a dramatic shift in the balance of power—information, a commodity once guarded by and empowering the few, is now readily accessible to all, enabling […]

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Money is Time

The old adage tells us that “Time is money,” and at the surface this seems to make sense.  We spend our time at work to earn money.  Compound interest makes our money grow over time.  But then again what exactly is money? Money is currency. What does this mean?  This means that money is the […]

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The Vision

What is your utopia?  If you could build your perfect world, what would it look like? My vision is a world where everyone has the resources and freedom to shape their world the way they see fit.  I imagine us all as gods shaping the air before us like clay—stretching and molding a world that […]

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